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Facts 4 Blacks is dedicated to sharing real history and important facts that everyone needs to know. For some unknown reason this information has and still is being deleted and replaced with a new narrative. This new narrative is designed to create instability and chaos to foster a diabolical plan to control every citizen by a small handful of very rich, greedy and powerful people. Donald J. Trump is here to fix this situation forever so we can all live as one big, beautiful, glorious nation under God.

Frederick Douglas Started the Republican Party - He was BLACK!

Abe Lincoln was a Republican not a Democrat that they keep telling you.

You CAN vote for Trump even if you are a registered Democrat. It's called a "general" election.

The first slave owner in America was BLACK! Yep, hard to believe right?


Much more to come with videos and original documents that have been preserved for now.  

America's Black Founding Fathers

A 3 part series by Glenn Beck

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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